Support FAQ

What qualifies a person for Community Living York South support?

Any person who has been assessed as having an intellectual disability may access the Community Support Program (documentation of assessment by a certified Psychologist may be requested). Referrals are accepted from family members, doctors, educational professionals and/or community service providers.

What is an intellectual disability?

An intellectual disability is a intellectual impairment that is manifested before the age of 5 years of age, is likely to continue indefinitely, and results in severe limitations in three or more of the following life activities: self care, learning, communication, economic self-sufficiency, self-direction, independent living, mobility.

Does Community Living have any space available in its community homes?

Currently there are no spaces available in our community homes. However, the Community Support Coordinators can assist families and individuals in creating alternative plans for future living arrangements and/or assist in next steps.

How does a Community Support Coordinator help?

The Community Support Team assists over 1600 families in “bridging the gap” while on the wait list for services funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The Community Support Team will:

  • Provide awareness of resources, referrals and information;
  • Assist people and their families to connect to others who share similar interests;
  • Assist in planning for typical life transitions;
  • Identify funding opportunities and assist with funding applications;
  • Support people to use their voices to advocate in directing their lives;
  • Facilitate social, recreational and skill development options for people including school break camps and parent/person directed respite groups;
  • Provide supports to people and their families to develop innovative support alternatives;
  • Facilitate education workshops for people and their families;

Can you provide assistance to our family member in finding employment?

A Community Support Coordinator can make referrals to job matching services and employment preparation programs, or assist individuals and families in doing their own job search.

Ontario Disability Employment Support

This program offers a support system that assists people with intellectual disabilities to reach their employment goals. A person applying for this support must meet eligibility criteria set out by the Ministry of Community, Family & Children’s Services in the ODSP Act. For more details please contact the Ministry’s Newmarket office (1-877-669-6658) or see the government web page on Ontario Disability Employment Supports.

What is case management?

Case Management refers to the coordination of services on behalf of a party and is offered by agencies such as York Support Services Network, Children’s Treatment Network, or/and Community Care and Access Center. A case manager will work with a person to coordinate formal and informal services to meet their unique needs.

The school my child attends is telling me that my son or daughter must graduate from school at 18 … is this true?

No, people who have a developmental disability/intellectual disability are able to extend their education to the age of 21.  This may mean the student is able to stay in elementary school for additional time or secondary school, depending on the child.

What changes have occurred SSAH (Special Services at Home), and Passports Funding?

Please click on the following link: Ministry of Community and Social Services

I need on-the-job support from time-to-time. Is there someone who can help me?

If you are recieveing or qualify for the Ontario Disability Support Program Income Support (ODSP-IS), you also qualify for ODSP – Employment Support.  ODSP – Employment supports can also be accessed by or on behalf of a person who meets the disability definition, even if the person is not entitled to receive income support because he or she does not meet the standard of financial need.
Employment Supports can help even if a person has never worked before, has been out of work, or is in school.   Everyone’s path to employment is different.  ODSP Employment Supports will connect people with a community support provider to help people get and keep a job.

There are three steps to apply for ODSP Employment Supports.

  1. Complete an application package.
  2. You may need to verify your disability. The verification form is in the application package. Sign the medical release that is included and take it to your doctor to fill out. Send your completed application package to:
  3. Ministry of Community and Social Services Ontario Disability Support Program Income and Employment Supports


17310 Yonge Street, Unit 1
Newmarket, ON L3Y 7R8
Tel: (905) 868-8900
Toll Free: 1-877-669-6658

Where can I go for help to fill out my taxes?

Any accountant can assist you with your taxes.  However there are some special considerations when you are supporting someone who has a disability. Ask your accountant about T2201 disability tax credit certificate.  Here is a link to a helpful guide on filing your taxes:

My home needs modification to be more accessible for me or my family member, but I can not afford the cost at this time. Where can I look for help with affording costs?

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers financial assistance to allow homeowners and landlords to pay for modifications to make their property more accessible to persons with disabilities. These modifications are intended to eliminate physical barriers, imminent safety risks and improve the ability to meet the demands of daily living within the home. Here is a link:

I need help with a legal issue. Are there any lawyers or law firms that are sensitive to representing people who have a disability?

Brendon D. Pooran is the principal lawyer at Pooranlaw.  He is involved in all areas of the firm’s practice and regularly provides advice to individuals, families, organizations and government in the following areas:

  • Wills & Estates Planning
  • Project Management & Consulting Services.
  • Corporate Law for non-profit and charitable organizations
  • Privacy Law
  • Employment Law & Human Resources Strategy (organizational compliance with accessibility legislation)
  • Disability Law
  • Government Benefits

Another option is ARCH Disability Law Center is a specialty community legal aid clinic dedicated to defending and advancing the equality rights of people with disabilities in Ontario. ARCH provides legal services to help Ontarians with disabilities live with dignity and participate fully in our communities. We work with Ontarians with disabilities and the disability community on law reform and policy initiatives, community development, legal advice and referrals, public legal education and litigation.

I am moving to another city or town in Ontario. Will this affect the funding I receive?

It depends if you are moving regions.Check this link to see if you will be changing regions:

If you are leaving the region ODSP, Passport and Special Services at Home will not be affected, however you must notify them of your move as soon as possible.  If you are supported in a Ministry funded space – like a day program – you will lose that opportunity and will need to go on the waiting list in the new region.

I am on a waiting list for housing, but I need help now. What should I do?

If you are in a crisis and are facing homelessness contact the Crisis Support line at 310-COPE (310-2673) and they will assist with Crisis Response.

If you are under 18 years of age, on the Community Needs List contact York Support Services Network and notify them of the update of your application. If you are 18 years or older contact DSO and notify them of the change.

If you are not on the wait list for social housing it is a good idea to apply.  Click Here to find out more information. 

The reality is however that people receive service on a priotized bases – meaning the most in need get assistance first.  Also the need for housing support is greater then the available services.  Many people are waiting for support.

How can I hire my own respite worker who speaks my language?

Where do I look for volunteer opportunities in York Region?

Volunteer with Community Living York South by calling our main number 905-884-9110