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Travel and Other Eligible Costs 


To provide employees with guidelines for travel expenses while conducting Community Living York South’sbusiness. All expenses related to travel and other eligible costs must be in accordance with and governed by the Broader Public Sector Expenses Directive issued by Management Board of Cabinet effective April 1, 2011, which forms part and parcel of our own internal policy, and is appended to our Financial Policies and Procedures Manual.


Conference, workshop and out of area travel expenses incurred by an employee while performing his/her duties, is eligible for reimbursement. All Community Living York South related out of area business travel must be authorized in advance by the employee’s immediate supervisor. The Board President shall approve of such expenditures when incurred by the Executive Director. The President (or his/her designate including the Executive Director) shall approve the reimbursement of registration and travel costs, incurred by volunteers or Board members while performing their duties at the request of Community Living York South. In such situations the volunteer must obtain pre-authorization from the Board of Directors before the expense is incurred.

Method of Travel

Employees who are required to travel on behalf of Community Living York South are required to research and use the most economical method feasible.

If using a personal vehicle, an employee will be reimbursed the current per kilometer rate, as well as any approved ETR costs and reasonable parking expenses incurred on submission of a receipt. Any parking or traffic tickets incurred are the employee’s responsibility.

Community Living York South will reimburse employees for other reasonable travel related expenses such as public transportation or cab fare upon submission of receipts.

Local Travel on Agency Business

Employees who travel locally on Association business must complete a mileage claim sheet within three months of the first occurrence, and should include the nature of the business conducted, and the distance traveled. Each completed claim sheet should be dated and signed by the person submitting the claim. The signature of the immediate supervisor on the claim sheet shall act as the authority for reimbursement.

Mileage claim sheets should be submitted to the Payroll department after approval. They will be reimbursed to employees by direct deposit together with their bi-weekly pay.

Accommodation & Meals

Employees traveling out of town on business or attending a conference or training seminar, will be reimbursed reasonable expenses for overnight accommodation costs, reasonable incidental costs incurred during the business outing, and cost of meals upon submission of receipts.

Maximum for Meals are as follows (inclusive of taxes & tip):

  • Breakfast – $10.00
  • Lunch – $15.00
  • Dinner – $25.00
  • Alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable.

Submission of Expense Claims

All travel related receipts must be submitted to accounts payable on an expense reimbursement Form. Expense claims must be approved by the immediate supervisor in accordance with agency authorization guidelines.